About our web design & development team

We're not a huge agency but we work on some pretty big and exciting web design and development projects. Keeping it small makes sure we can give our projects and clients the attention they needs.

We produce, run and manage our own internal websites just as many of our clients do, so we understand the demands, processes, requirements and pressure that out own clients go through as we go through the same experiences producing our own websites, brands and products.

PB Web Development is a boutique web design, development, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! agency based in Sydney. We've been designing and developing web sites since 2004 and haven't stopped since.

PB Web Development started out in an office on Rundle Street in Adelaide and has since moved to Sydney. We're now based in Sydney meeting with new clients around the beautiful harbour city.

You can find the new PB Web Development office situated in Potts Point just 5 minutes from the central CBD.


We actively help run and manage the Sydney Joomla User Group as well as the WordPress Meetup group in Sydney. We've sponsored Sydney JoomlaDays since 2009 and also have recently sponsored JoomlaDay New England 2012 and the Joomla World Conference 2013.


Peter Bui

Peter is the project lead for many of the web design and development that come through the doors here at PB Web Development. He also is a bit of a Joomla celebrity in that he is the voice of the Joomla Beat Podcast, a weekly podcast produced as a resource for the Joomla community.

Martina Kocian

Martina is a creative thinker. Not just any creative thinker, but a totally out of the box creative thinker. Coming from a Psychology background, Martina uses her unique perspective of the world to come up with some amazing and highly creative ideas for various designs and advertising campaigns. She is also a serial entrepreneur and the creator and owner of I Am Infusion.

Jana Krcmarova

Jana is one of our fantastic and talented web, graphic and print designers that has been working with the PB Web Development for many years. She brings along her skills as an illustrator, print designer and photographer. 

Karlo Ilanos

Karlo is one of the newest members of the team working programming projects and implementation of our websites using WordPress and Joomla!

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