Co-Director / Creative Director

Martina is a creative thinker, not just any creative thinker, but a totally out of the box creative thinker. Coming from a psychology background, Martina uses her unique perspective of the world to come up with some amazing and highly creative ideas for various designs and campaigns.

She not only is the creative director of PB Web Development but also manages and runs her own herbal tea company based in Sydney, Australia.

With the backing of years of design experience and an understanding of how businesses grow and operate. Her skills are highly sought after as they span more than just the average creative director. She understands business and how it needs to be portrayed visually in the best way possible.

It's this creative thinking and years of business experience that sets a regular graphic designer apart from a creative designer.

Contact the team in Sydney and Brisbane to find out how Martina can help with your next creative project.