Co-Director / Client Relations

Peter is the project lead for many of the blockchain, web design and development projects that come through the doors here at PB Web Development. He also is a Joomla celebrity being the voice of the Joomla Beat Podcast, a weekly podcast produced as a resource for the Joomla community.

Working with open source technologies, Peter leads the development teams in working with Joomla, WordPress and Laravel to build unique solutions for PB Web Development's clients.

"My main aim when creating a web site is to make it accessible and semantic. Reducing friction points and creating a friendly user experience that will lead to leads is my goal."

Peter has worked with in and with various Government departments around Australia, advertising, digital and interactive agencies over the years collecting a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital space. He sees himself as a well rounded web consultant with knowledge in open source technologies such as Joomla and WordPress as well as website deployment and management.

In the last year alone Peter has developed, designed and maintained over 280 different web sites from clients around Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Helping these customer and clients generate more traffic, sales and revenue for their business.

More recently, Peter has been working with upcoming and disruptive blockchain technology and looking at ways to help businesses take advantage of blockchain and the future of the global economy. Integration of blockchain payment systems that accept Bitcoin and other alt coins along with building SaaS products around the Ethereum blockchain technology are some of the things Peter has been working on.

"I've been fascinated with the potential of blockchain technology and what it can do in regards to disrupting our way of life. I see it as the new way the world will operate providing near instant forms of transactions from peer to peer, democratising and decentralising the distribution of wealth globally."

If you want to find out more about Peter, please contact him directly via LinkedIn.

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