This website has been built with web accessibility in mind.

PB Web Development has designed this site to run on a broad range of web browsers and mobile devices. This page details information on the websites accessibility standards, navigational structure, design standards and shortcut navigation.

For any further information please contact [email protected] at the Sydney web development office.


Site wide navigational links and skip links have been embedded into this website to allow the ease of use for screen readers.

A 'Skip to content' link has been added, which can be read by screen readers, text-based browsers (e.g. Lynx) and also users who have turned styles off in their graphical web browser.


The website has been built using XHTML 1.0 Transitional standards and comply with Web Consortium Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards level of A and AA where possible.

This website will work with both cascading style sheets and javascript turned off.

All of PB Web Development's website builds should work in all modern browsers including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explore and Opera. We have also made provisions for Internet Explorer browsers dating back to Internet Explorer 6.


The visual design of the site has been tweaked to maximise colour contrast and avoid colour blindness. Other design factors include designing for a 1024x768 resolution screen as well as mobile devices.

Access keys

Shortcut access keys have been added to the website to help users quickly navigate around to the different areas of the site.

Skip to content - Access key = 1 Jump to navigation - Access key = 2 Jump to additional information - Access key = 3 Different browsers trigger the access keys differently.