Bamboo Bike Tour

PB Web Development have been working with offshore developers since 2014 and have build up good relationship with our developers in the Philippines.

Intramorus graffiti

We now set out annually to catch up and provide a 'remote work week' where we all get together and work from co-working spaces around a particular city in South East Asia. This year's location was Manila.

Sunset dinner

One of the most difficult things in regards to working with remote teams is the isolation from each other and the complications in communication due to cultural differences. Working together for even a few days to help build up relationships and understanding makes a huge difference.

This year the team went on a bike tour or the old city in Manila, Intramorus.

acceler8 co-working space Manila

The team also worked out of the Acceller8 Co-working space where we could work collaboratively on projects as well as spend a day learning tricks and development techniques from each other.

Mystery Manila Escape room

The team also participated in our first ever 'escape room' or 'mystery room' called Mystery Manila. The team successfuly solved all the puzzles to escape from the Danger Room in 53 minutes!