We've been doing some work lately on optimising our site and blog to get the most out of the traffic that is on there.

  • Overall web usability
  • Accessibility changes
  • Split A/B testing
  • Page optimisation
  • and analysis of our web traffic

We've noticed a nice slow and steady increase of web traffic over the past few weeks but even better is the massive drop in bounce rate.

The Results

Before the changes and updates we were looking at a ridiculously high average bounce rate average last month in March of 60.89%. That is quite high and we were loosing traffic and not capturing our audience.

After the round of changes we've dropped it down to 35.51% so far this month and this week along as dropped down to 7.74%. Just have a look at the graph.

Bounce rate dropping on our traffic after making various changes

The exercise in site optimising was well worth the time and money spent and the conversion ratio from our traffic is now much better than before.

If you believe your site can be doing a little better then it might be worth having a detailed look into problem areas of your site and seeing exactly what can be improved.

Good Reads and Resources on Reducing Bounce Rates