Building web forms in with PHP or ASP is fairly straight forward. The level of coding required isn't too complicated and can be done by a fresh web coder. When building forms in Joomla though, you can cut down the time of developing these forms by using some very nifty components that are available.

There are several components out there that can be used to build web forms in Joomla. We've been using a couple of different type of form builders over the years and they all come down to preference and the situation that they are being used for.

Here is a list of three form builders that we have used over the years.


This is one of the more simple form builders out there. I believe there is a pro version of ChronoForms but I haven't used it before personally. Its the simplest form builder out there that we have seen and the best part about it is that its free. So if you're starting out with Joomla and want to build a few forms, ChronoForms would be a great place to start.

One thing to note is that the free version displays links back to the author's website.

RSForms Pro

****For something a little bit more sophisticated, we recommend using RSForms. It allows for much more flexibility on how the forms are delivered to your submitters and to website administrators. It is even more flexible in that it can trigger PHP code on form load, during processing and after processing. This means data can be captures and passed off to third party systems such as customer relationship management systems, email management systems and much more.

RSForms does cost a subscription fee to download the extension but it is worth the money, especially if you are building a site for a client and have budget to spare.


This is one of our favourite extensions for building forms. It is very similar to RSForms in the way it works but, the output is very nice, semantic and accessible to screen readers. So for situations where you need to be able to create web accessible forms then BreezingForms is a good option.

BreezingForms also costs a subscription fee to download the extension but if your website that you are building needs to meet Wc3 accessibility requirements then it is worth having a look at.