We're currently doing some awesome stuff at the moment, and we're looking for more frontend web developers to help out and join our current team of developers.

We're specifically looking for skilled frontend developers with experience in WordPress and Joomla. You can be anywhere in the world to work with our team but we do prefer people that can work within our timezone of +11GMT with a +/-2 hour difference. This covers a band of developers from Fiji and the Pacific Islands, Australia to the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

Here are a few things that you must be able to tick off your skills list before applying for to work with us.

Understanding of How to Use git and Basic git Workflow

All of our projects are stored in git and you must be able to initialise your repositories, clone repositories, perform pull and push requests, merge and commit all of your work.

We expect daily commit logs from all developers for code reviews.

Understand SSH Keys and How to Connect to Remote Servers

We don't give out passwords, but we do let our developers have SSH access where needed.

Understand What Continuous Integration Is.

We don't expect a frontend developer to execute and CI workflow but understand how their work may slot into an existing CI workflow for a project.

Be Able to Work with Bootstrap

Yep, we love Bootstrap and use it for all of our projects. All projects, well, just about. You'll need to understand the Bootstrap classes and how to create responsive templates with the framework.

Bonus points of you know how to optimise the templates using CDNs, use commandline build tools to compile LESS/SASS files into working CSS.

Good Understanding of How to Use WordPress and Joomla Properly

There are WordPress and Joomla Developers and then there are WordPress and Joomla Cowboys/cowgirls who do crazy things like it is the wild wild west.

We don't expect you to know as much as we do. We've been using WordPress since 2004 and Joomla since 2005 and have build we'll over 1000 websites over the years but we expect you to be following best practises and common plugins and extensions on all of your websites.

Be an Awesome Communicator

50% of the team are offshore or work remotely from home. This is where communication is critical. We all know what each other is working on, what the client and project priorities are and how important it is to talk to both team members, team leads and clients.

Because of all this, we expect you to show your online communication skills, being punctual with team meetings, reporting and responsiveness.

Super Bonus Points

You know anything about web accessibility and building website for visually impaired or disabled people? We do a lot of this and understanding how it works and how to meet requirements will really make your application shine.


We like to take care of our team members.

International Developers

  • Index pay rate to the local economy
  • 2 weeks holidays + either Australian or local public holidays
  • 5 days sick and parental leave
  • Developer tool budget allowance
  • Coworking space allowance

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you want to join our team or awesomely skilled designers and developers the how about spending some time submitting your resume, references and completing the online test.

Your resume should show and prove your previous work and frontend development skills. You're references should be contactable and be able to vouch for your character and previous employment. Finally, you will need to pass the online test with a score of 80 points or before we will look at your application.

Good luck, we're looking for the best we can get.