Choosing a domain name for my own website was not what I expected to be doing this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised that today we'd be creating our own websites. Within minutes of choosing a name, it had been registered with JoomHosting. More time consuming was choosing a pre-designed template from JoomlArt, that could be modified to suit the look and feel I wanted for my site.

I spent the rest of the day using Joomla open source content management system, entering content and tweaking items to my exact specifications. With little preparation for making a website, I didn't have much to add as yet, but I'm excited to flesh out the template I chose (JA Graphite) with various forms of content including blog posts, images, and video. Joomla is an extensive system that offers a large amount of customisation. At first it appeared a little bit daunting, but as I familiarised myself with it I was impressed by how user-friendly it can be.

Venturing further into the technical side of the internet, I learned how to optimise the visibility of my website on search engines using Google Webmaster Tools, and how to use Google Analytics to record information about the different visitors to my website.

Another item I added on to my website include a Creative Commons license notice, which I learned is similar to a copyright license, enabling the sharing and use of content between online users with varying degrees of commercial availability. For example, many users allow any non-commercial use of their own material with recognition of original ownership. Creative Commons also protects those who use licensed and/or copyrighted content with access to free and legal use of specified online content.

As with most websites, my site features Facebook and Twitter feeds. However, these are yet to be set up with my own social media accounts due to the empty state of my site, and remain the JoomlArt accounts that come as default. In the afternoon we tried to find an extension to add an Instagram feed to the new sites, but had trouble finding something that achieved what we wanted.