This plug-in allows for the easy integration of the tracking JavaScript into your Joomla website. No messing with the web templates, just install the plug-in, enable it and enter in your 8 digit account number from CrazyEgg and start your click tracking. CrazyEgg is a third party application that allows you to track your users click patterns on a website and then displays that information in various visual ways. It is a great way for testing the usability of a site design or the effectiveness of layouts and content presentation. See a demo of how CrazyEgg works.

Installation and Setup of the CrazyEgg Tracking Code in Joomla

Just install the plug-in, enable the plug-in in Joomla's plug-in manager and add in your account number in the parameters. Hit SAVE and you're done. Use CrazyEgg's installation checker to make sure your tacking code is working.

Finding Your CrazyEgg Account Number

To find your CrazyEgg account number, simply create a new tracking snapshot and setup the details as required. On the final page of snapshot creation, you will be presented with the CrazyEgg tracking code and also your account number.

Simple copy that 8 digit account number and save it in the parameters for the plug-in under the Plug-in Manager in Joomla and away you go.

About CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg allows you to track your users clicks on a website. This is especially useful when analysing page layouts and the effectiveness of page elements to call a user to an action. To find out more about CrazyEgg and its tracking capabilites, please visit

Why CrazyEgg is So Useful

Why use Crazy Egg? from Daniel Delaney on Vimeo.


Version 1.1 Update of code for cloud front delivery of the Javascript code that is now offered Version 1.0 Initial release

Also see the WordPress version of the CrazyEgg Integrator for WordPress