Someone has to do it! We've been working on an extension for Joomla that will allow full AGLS and Dublin Core metadata schemas for Joomla.

The extension allows you to define which terms you would like to use and have displayed on the editor view of a Joomla article. This metadata is then displayed on an article view on the front end of a website.

This will help bring the Joomla content management system a little closer to being a fully capable open source content management system for Government agencies here in Australia.

Joomla already ticks many other boxes in regards to requirements in WCAG 2.0 but misses out on a few accessibility checks.

This extension will help tick another one of the boxes and make it a viable solution for Government agencies to use as alternatives to Drupal, or Squiz.

If you're interested, just shoot us an email and we'll let you have a look at a BETA view of the extension.