After today's session I don't think I'll appreciate beautiful beach photos again after viewing so many. Except now all I want to do is go on a holiday. Spending the day searching for content for a client on Instagram using the site Webstagram has been extremely engaging.

Especially for me as I have travelled to the specific area in the past and reminisced through the photos I found.

I have never searched for so many different hashtags before on one topic, who knew so many different hashtags existed for this particular area. The hashtag #instasouthpacific was in use on around 1400 photos when we began our search at the beginning of the day. Continually finding new hashtags and photos relating to the south pacific eventuated in us raising the hashtag count to over 1500. The idea was to raise the user engagement level and interaction from the @instsouthpacific Instagram account. Commenting on images to encourage the use of the #instasouthpacific hashtag helped to raise the number of images.

Social User Engagement on Instagram

User engagement is highly important on Instagram as the whole concept is based around showcasing content to your followers. So if no one is liking or commenting on photos then it can be quite disappointing. We left comments on photos we liked and tried to elicit a response from the users. Mostly asking people where they took the photos, but also liking a lot of photos to show users we actually enjoy looking at what they post. Most users were quite receptive to our feedback on their images. Throughout the day we gained 16 more followers for the @instasouthpacific account, which I feel is highly successful as a base while we potentially gain followers in the coming days.

From the large number of users we interacted with on Instagram, we had to narrow down which images we thought were ‘photo of the week' worthy. Both Eloise and I successfully chose a range of images as photo of the week for the upcoming weeks. To finish off this module of user engagement within Instagram we scheduled a few of the chosen images for Twitter and Facebook upload in the coming weeks.

Instagram Statistics 2012

Instagram nation infographic