The default Joomla searching system isn't that great and if you're using it to help your users navigate around your website and find content then you may want to look at some different options.

Recently here we've been using "JXFinder" which is leagues above the default Joomla search system.

It gives accurate results, enhanced search suggestions and alternative search phrases, keyword highlighting and performs even better than the default search solution within Joomla.

It will search:

  • Joomla Articles

  • Joomla Contacts

  • Joomla Web Links

  • Joomla Sections

  • Joomla Categories

  • JXtended Labels

  • JXtended Comments

  • DOCman Documents

  • EventList Events

  • EventList Venues

  • File System Documents

  • JomSocial Profiles

  • K2 Categories

  • K2 Items (including Extra Fields)

  • Kunena Forum Posts

  • VirtueMart Products

  • Zoo Items

We've implemented these on a few large websites with great success.The enhanced search really does help the end user experience.

Contact us if you would like this implemented on your Joomla website.