The web design market in Sydney is quite a saturated one with so many people and companies out there providing web design services. It makes it almost impossible to choose the right designer for your project, or even more so, a designer altogether.

There of course will be that right designer out there for the job though but how can you choose the right one? A lot of the time it will come down to personal preference in style of the designer that you choose but here is a quick list of things you mint want to take into account when looking for a web designer or web design team here in Sydney.

Location of Them to You

Firstly, location, The design process is usually a very interactive one with a few meetings and interactions between the client and the designer or creative director. Traveling and commenting to different locations in Sydney can be tiresome, traffic delays and somewhat unreliable public transport that is suppose to somehow improve with the newly elected state Government (we'll see!) So first off, try and find a local designer. It will make the design process much easier for the both of you.

Style to Fit

Every designer has a different style and preference in design. I personally have a very clinical and mathematical approach to my design layouts where as my Martina here has a very free flowing design style unrestricted by layouts and web standards. So when picking the designer or design team, look at the style of sites that the are designing and see if they fit with what you are wanting. If your after a football website and the designers portfolio is filled with baby websites, they might struggle with designing a good site for what they aren't use to.

Cost of Designs

Of course cost is going to be an important factor. Choosing between a freelance designer and a web design team could mean the difference between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. You should be able to estimate the rough cost of what they web designer would be charging but it doesn't hurt to always ask. You might be get lucky.

Development Team for After the Design Stage

Development, well, once you travelled all around Sydney and have found your web designer for your new website, what about the development side of things. the web designer will have to be able to translate the visual component of the website to a functional website and thats where a closely integrated development team will come in handy. If the designer that you have chosen doesn't build websites, then hopefully they have a team or another person that they can call upon to build the websites. Choosing a web design and development company will usually overcome this issue.

Ability to Design for Web

Furthermore, does the designer know how to effectively design for the web and open source content management systems. We've received a few print based designs and struggled immensely to convert them into working and functional website as certain aspects of the web hadn't been taken into consideration. We here love to use Joomla but come across many designs that have issues with it being translated into a Joomla template, Drupal template or even a WordPress template. It is important that the web designer understands the potential technologies that that design will be integrated into.

These five guides lines will hopefully help you choose that right web design team or web designer for your website.