On the 28th of March, Google announced a new social recommendations system for the web called "Google +1". It will work in a similar way to Facebook's Like button but will appear all over the web including websites, Google search results and Google paid results. This is suppose to change the way users view and use the web and Google services as the more recommendations or +1s a website or search result has the more likely a user will click on the result. Another thing worth noting is that it is only suppose to show +1s from people within your social network.

Will this completely change how we use Google or will it Buzz out like Google Buzz? We'll find out very soon.

Learn more about Google +1

Google +1 demonstration

Google +1 for Joomla

We're working on a new Joomla plugin to integrate the new social plugin. There will be a Google +1 plugin for Joomla that will insert the necessary code into a Joomla article area, a module for placing around your website and also a K2 template override or plugin to insert it into your K2 layouts.

Stay tuned for more progress and update as google makes more announcements.

Let's hope there is a better uptake than there was for Google Buzz.

Download the plugin for Joomla.
Download the module for Joomla
Download the K2 plugin