For personal use twitter can be a spontaneous, entertaining online platform: rant, retweet, roll your eyes at celebrities, be silly and share with your friends and/or followers. But social media engagement is a serious business for any company with an online presence, and to start my internship at PB Web Development I learned how a social media management tool like HootSuite, social media tools for business, can organise your posting timetable.

As a prolific blog reader and amateur blog writer, I was familiar with scheduling blog posts. It turns out you can do the same for facebook and twitter. Sourcing or creating content can be done once and then published across several platforms using HootSuite, however I found that tailoring content specifically to facebook or twitter was a better approach. No one likes a hashtag on facebook.

Certain times of the day are better for twitter traffic: morning commute before 9AM, lunch time, and 3PM, aka your afternoon chocolate break. Scheduling tweets at these times offers better visibility for domestic audiences. For a more international reach, early morning in Australia captures the late-afternoon twitter traffic of the USA and the late-night traffic of the UK.

Not restricted to 140 characters and with arguably less competition for attention on Facebook than the frenetic twitter feed, a Facebook post needs a little more substance. Before the end of the day, a riveting Facebook post on composting that I scheduled via the HootSuite dashboard had received its first Like. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts on organic vegetable gardens!