Not just for wedding obsessives, Pinterest is another social media platform that can be utilised as a gateway to drive traffic towards your website (or your client's). You would be mistaken for thinking that Pinterest is simply a place to collect pictures of weddings in barns, dream homes and mason jar craft projects.

It is actually a dynamic image repository where you can find inspiration for anything including your very next holiday to the South Pacific! I can't say it was hard work pinning pictures of beach paradise all day – although it didn't do much to ward off today's unseasonal chill.

Originally an image bookmarking system, Pinterest has developed into a virtual mood board and online inspiration community. Pinterest does have a reputation for being populated almost entirely by women – but it is hugely popular with this audience. Part inspiration station and part planning tool, Pinterest is the place to showcase your product online and to get in on the aspirations of wistful consumers.

Setting Up Pinterest for Your Business

Setting up a pinterest account involves making new boards and pinning and repinning content. Repinning involves keyword searches for whatever content you require, effecting the equivalent of a copy-and-paste to your own board. Pinterest is an enterprise in content browsing and sharing, with viewers having the option to ‘Like' as well as repin images.

With more eyes on your images you're bound to develop greater reach, and an analysis of ‘Likes' and repins across your boards can indicate the images and products with more traction amongst viewers. The next step to take is to turn this information into a strategy!

Fortunately for the South Pacific, one of their biggest drawcards ties in perfectly with the main areas of Pinterest: weddings and honeymoons. It's always nice when your product and your platform play nicely together. Although, we mustn't forget those keen travellers feeding their wanderlust and crippling debt with the "Travel Bucket List" boards that litter the Pinterest pinnersphere. Let's hope they all repin and plan to meet up on an island in the South Pacific sun.

Pinterest Tip

Share all of your pins on to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the most out of your social networks.