At PB Web Development we take many steps in regards to scoping out a project and planning for one.

There are so many different aspects to look at and test against and all should be taken into account.

Last year at the Joomla World Conference 2013 held at Harvard University, I was lucky enough to have been accepted as a presenter to talk about the website planning stages where I did a case study of how we approached the design and build of the I Am Infusion website.

Our process isn't complicated but is quite involved. As long as all the steps in the process are followed, you're guaranteed to get great measurable results.

We look at everything from branding, marketing messages, analytics, goals of the website, current conversion rates, current search engine rankings and much more.

Presentation from Joomla World Conference 2013

Below is an embedded copy of the presentation that I presented at the conference.

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To find out more about our process, follow our write up about our website strategy and planning stage and find out how our web design studio here in Sydney actually handles this critical stage of a website project.