Podcasting apps

If you're starting out in the world of podcasting and want to use your smart phone to start recording. There are a few great apps that you can use that are cheap, cost effective and so easy to use.

This is a guide to a few apps that I've used to record interviews and podcasts.

Apps for Recording Podcasts

Here is a quick run down of a few apps that we've used in the past to record podcast interviews.


SoundCloud not only is a great audio hosting platform but also comes with a great API that allows you to use so many different applications from desktop, tablet and mobile apps to record and publish your sounds.

The default core SoundCloud apps seem to be the best overall for simple recording and publishing but there are many many more applications out there that allow you to modify, cut and edit your sounds before publishing them online.


Spreaker, very similar to SoundCloud but with its own flavour. If you don't like SoundCloud and their fees, then check out Spreaker as a cost effective and user friendly alternative.

iRig Recorder

Last but not least, I recommend iRig Recorder. The simplest of all audio recorders. It allows you to cut, edit and modify your recordings as well as optimise it. It doesn't however allow you to to publish directly online but you can potentially also connect in with SoundCloud and FTP to upload your audio files.


What Next?

What ever your choice of podcasting recroding app, these are a good starting platform to get your started or when you find that you're in a situation where you need some recording done! Of course there are the inbuilt applications that come with most smart phones as well. The best thing about those is that they're all free!

If you need more help with setting up your recordings or some advice on podcasting, make sure you give us a call or email us.