One of the biggest social media trends this year in 2013 is Podcasting and the ability to connect and engage with a user base in audio format via podcast.

Podcasting is a great way to engage with a listener and readership and connect with them on a weekly or monthly basis.

There is no other new media medium that allows you to capture a users attention for periods between 30 minutes to an hour with rich and engaging content.

Video is fantastic in that it is very visual, but you can't watch a video and do other work, drive a car or mow your lawn. Alternatively podcasting does allow you to multi task and on demand radio in the form of podcasting is the best medium.

Apple now have dedicated applications and even their own podcasting app to cater for the demand. The iTunes store which is a goldmine for podcasting traffic is still young and there is still so much room to cature the market there as well as other podcasting channels.

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