Being able to preview and draft content before it is published live to any enterprise website is crucial for publishing workflow and internal approval processes.

PB Web Development has developed a previewing system that works either as a complete staged environment called “Push to Live” or a more simple page previewing system in order to share content no yet ready for public viewing.

The “Push to Live” system allows for a duplicated live environment where editors and content producers can work free from the restriants of working off a live environment. When the content writer is ready, they can submit the content for approval where the publisher will allow and “push” the content for deployment to the live environment.

Coupling this with the drafting and previewing system, it provides editors with a secure and protected environment where content can be worked upon and approved before publishing live.

The version control and the “Push to Live” systems are available for all of our Government Joomla solutions.

Contact us to find out more about how our drafting, version control and previewing systems work.