With the imminent end of the HubOnline service to real estate agents, we've seen many of our own real estate clients struggle to figure out which direction to go now with their websites.

In response to this, we've come up with a very similar system to HubOnline but only better and without the fear of being closed down like HubOnline has faced. We've built a great alternative to HubOnline.

Here at PB Web Development we've come up with a site replication system where we've built a beautiful and fully featured real estate website where mirror instances can be replicated into separate accounts for other users.

What this means in non developer talk is that we've built a master site. Anyone that wants a slice of the master site to run and power their own real estate site can sign up to our service and start right where they've left off.

The Difference

The main difference with our service is that we've integrated a few more social connectors into the site such as Twitter, Facebook auto publishing and a lot more down that path.

The other main difference is that we're building it all on an open source framework called Joomla. So if you don't opt for the monthly supported and hosted service then you can opt for the self hosted option where you control and maintain the website yourself.

The benefit of having a self hosted solution is that you won't be affected by a parent company restructure, buy out or anything else that would disrupt your day to day operations. The benefit of going with our supported option is that you will be able to gain updates, new features that we roll out for the system, such as integration with RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au, as well as all of our additional support services from social media management, search engine optmisation, campaign management, print and press management from our team.

Sign Up for More Information

So if you don't know what to do with your website as it is now, sign up to our newsletter and find out when we're launching the new system. We're almost ready with our first round of BETA testers playing around with their new websites already and if you want to be a BETA tester please let us know.