I have previously read articles on scheduling programs but never had experience with using one. Today I was introduced to Hootsuite and I doubt i'll ever look back. With the ability to schedule posts for a variety of online social media sites, this platform enables users to post content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Logging into Hootsuite with a Twitter account amalgamates the account with a Facebook account also, allowing me or another one of the social media interns to schedule posts in the coming days or weeks. With streams from the ManlyEnviro Twitter feed, and two separate search terms for #manly and #manlyenvironment this enabled me to search for content to schedule.

To assist me and working with Hootsuite I also used Tweetdeck, which I have used previously. Although, I found searching for content somewhat challenging because every time I used the word ‘Manly,' I was faced to sift through many tweets about how ‘manly' people where.  This search was deemed almost useless because who needs to know that @pink__china likes ‘a manly man,' right?

To narrow the search down we set the two streams from above, and also #shellybeach and #manlybeach. Which provided me with content to use and also made me aware of content to research.

Searching hashtags is quite interesting because as I searched for one hashtag, it would occasionally come up with content that was completely unrelated and then lead me to search new ideas. It was like a virtual mind map, where one thing lead to another thing and then back again.

After today's module, I feel confident in working with Hootsuite and have fine tuned my skills when working with Tweetdeck.

It is amazing how much information one can find on Twitter when looking for a particular topic. I'll have to work on my speed at searching for content because sifting through the clutter is time consuming.