AkeebaBackup LogoLast last night I saw a torrent of tweets from Nicholas from @akeebabackup complaining about a terrible customer service experience he was having with a particular customer. This one in particular was a lot worse than the others.

Waking up the next morning and getting a chance to read the email correspondence that Nicholas had from the customer reminded me of how I grew up with racism all around me and having to deal with it as a child.

Being a racist is one thing. Threatening to kill me is another. Now I'm calling the police!
— Akeeba Backup (@akeebabackup) October 24, 2012

I seriously think of pulling the plug to free extensions. Death threats because I'm providing free software? What the fuck?!

— Akeeba Backup (@akeebabackup) October 24, 2012

Death threats by a racist scumbag, part 2. dl.dropbox.com/u/5168399/Deat… Please retweet.

— Akeeba Backup (@akeebabackup) October 24, 2012

If you have a few free minutes, read over the email that Nicholas has posted online and over Twitter. When dealing with some customers we become so frustrated and think about giving it all up but we have to remember that this is just a small minority of the great scheme of things and that there are many others out there that do support and love the work that you do. Show Nicholas your support and tweet a thank you to him for his amazing free backup extensions for Joomla. I one happy user that has full professional subscription and has it implemented on ever website from dev to production environments. I owe you big time.

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I know how passionate Nicholas is about is work as I was once at the other end of his firing line. Show you're support for Nicholas and retweet his Tweet and Tweet support at Nicholas.

I'm hoping for the customer's sake that the customer doesn't end up at the other end of a trolling attack.