Understanding reader and user behaviour is the key to understanding when it is the best time to release an article from your blog and tweet it to the rest of the world.

One main factor that has become more apparent to me with other Twitter users is that we all seem to wake up and reach for the mobile device to read over their latest tweet updates and newsfeeds before getting into our day.

This morning period when users are getting up out of bed, having breakfast or starting their commute to work via public transport seems to be the best time for publishing and receiving retweets from other users.

In doing a little more research from other articles on the internet about the best time to publish and tweet I've found that around 4pm PST is usually the set standard. This also correlates to the morning period here on the east coast of Australia.

It seems that the general practise in the Uniting States is to release an article and start tweeting it at the end of their day to receive a stream of wake up tweets around the world until the next morning when that article may very well still be retweeted in the United States.

So to put this to the test I'm going to try a series of analytic tests on various articles over the next few months to see what receives the best response rate from Twitter. Of course the content of the articles will play an important role but the general retweet reaction is what I'm after directly from Twitter.

Other factors that may influence the retweet of Twitter posts is the wording of the post which wil also be carefully crafted.

Stay tuned for the report :), Note the time that I'm posting this :)