We use quite a few hosting providers here in Sydney for various different clients depending on their website requirements and their support needs.

Each of the Joomla hosting providers that we use have different levels of service for their customers and we make sure that our clients' needs are matched up with the services and support from the hosting company that they require.

Our top picks for Joomla hosting companies here in Sydney and Australia are:


We've been using AusWeb since 2007, I believe, after from moving from a cheap shared hosting company in the United States. For us this was a fantastic move. Our connections to the local server here in Australia made updating and maintaining websites so much easier and FASTER!

AusWeb is relatively cheap as well and their main website is a Joomla based website. If the hosting company is using Joomla as their front facing profile website then you know they understand a little something about hosting Joomla websites. Thanks for all the good years of hosting guys!

AusWeb is great if you're the type of customer that prefers email support rather than picking up the phone. Phone support is available, of course, but their ticketing system and response time to tickets is just awesome.

Digital Pacific

We've been using Digital Pacific more recently in 2012. Their environments are very similar to that of AusWeb in that they also run cPanel environments but they have a bigger call centre of people to call upon when you need help.

If you're the type of business that likes to be able to talk to someone here locally in Australia then Digital Pacific is the hosting company for you. They're not too big like some of the huge hosting companies here in Australia so there aren't huge lines on the phone.


We've only been using Anchor just recently. They're pricier than the rest of the market but that is because they provide fully managed hosting services for their customers. That is, proactive hosting and monitoring of the environments. I've had the privilege of meeting key staff members who are building our hosting environments there as well as the CTO Keiran Holloway who has sponsored so many of our events.

Anchor is the perfect hosting company here in Sydney for a business that has outgrown the smaller providers and need dedicated technical staff looking after your hosting solutions and website.

Last but not least, PB Web Dev Hosting.

PB Web Dev Hosting is an initiative by PB Web Development. It's a little hard to not be a little bias towards your own solutions :). PB Web Dev Hosting provides managed Joomla hosting services for small businesses. This means we audit, manage, maintain, backup and run security checks of your Joomla website for you.

It's aimed towards smaller business that are starting up or in their early growth phase. Our aim is to take away the tasks of updating and maintaining your Joomla website so you can concentrate on growing your business and becoming one of our ‘hosting graduates'. A ‘hosting graduate' at PB Web Development is when you've outgrown our hosting environments and we have to promote you to your own Virtual Private Server (VPS). You get a little certificate and photo shoot too!

No matter what hosting provider you choose, they all have different services and different ways of interacting with their client base. Make sure you link up your business needs with the right type of hosting that you need to get the most out of your relationship with your hosting provider.