Twitter Bird

Many clients come to us asking to get in to that new Twitter thing that everyone is talking about. I'd ask them why they'd want to get in to social networking and what they know about Twitter and the common response I get is, “We don't know, we just know that everyone else is using Twitter and we should as well”.

So I've written this blog post to help businesses get an idea of what the whole Twitter phenomenon is all about and how it can best be utilised for any business.

Building Web Traffic with Twitter

Twitter is a great way of building up traffic to your websites. Thousands of people online are constantly searching for what people are talking (Tweeting) about on Twitter. When you've signed up and logged in to the network you can instantly find people that are talking about common topics that you may be interested in. From the latest Holywood gossip to particular Tweets about maybe even your business or even your competitors, you'll be able to find the latest Tweets about them.

So if you're blogging on your website or releasing new articles and products, it is important to post them on to Twitter so that people that are searching for what you are offering can find it. This is fairly good targeted traffic coming from sources that are searching for specific things on Twitter.

If you're posting good content to Twitter, then you will find that people will start to “follow” you. This means that when ever you make a post to Twitter, they receive updates on their Twitter home page. The follower will then be constantly updated with what everything you have to say about your business, product or services.

Creating Leads and Sales with Twitter

Twitter is a great source of leads and sales. If you use the right tools to monitor what is going on currently on Twitter, you'll be able to find anyone is talking your products or services.

For example, we monitor on Twitter for “social marketing experts” on Twitter. So when ever someone posts this particular string or keywords in their status, we'll be able to response to the immediately and create a potential sale and new client from that lead.

From there it is up to the sales team to follow up on the potential new client and make the sale.

Controlling Your Brand on Twitter

You can find on Twitter if anyone is talking about your business. You can create searches and find out if anyone is talking badly about your business and creating bad PR.

If this happens, You'll be immediately be able to rectify the problems that this Twitter use may be having with your business, products or services.

Being able to instantly control the bad publicity on your business is an important factor in controlling the image of your brand online.

On the other hand, you might also be able to find good comments about your business. If this happens then retweeting these comments about your business so more people can find the good PR. Make sure you retweet with a link back to your site as well.

Remember, word of mouth is usually one of the best forms of marketing for most businesses. Jump on Twitter and search for you business and find out what people are saying about you.

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