KeepCupIf you're a web developer there is a high chance that you have some sort of addiction to some sort of caffeinated drink, whether its RedBull, V, Jolt or coffee.

For some reason web developers and caffeine go hand in hand (might be a bit of a generalisation).

Now for all of those coffee drinkers out there, I'm sure there are many, count how many coffees you have ordered today from the local coffee shop. (Me: 3) Times that by the amount of days you work a week. (Me: 5) Then times that by the amount of working weeks in a year. (ME: roughly 50)

If I have done my sums correctly thats 3 x 5 x 50 = 750 coffee cups a year! Now that is ridiculous! That is a lot of waste there.

What can we do? I've gone down the path of a funky reusable coffee cup called KeepCup. They're industry standard in size and look great. Further more you can completely customise the colour scheme of the cups.

So with the relaunch of AustConserv, (another K2 powered site that we have rebuilt) they're giving all their readers a 20% discount on your very own KeepCup.

Get get your 20% discount, simply use use the coupon code: CONSERV during your check out process at and you're be a lucky owner of a new KeepCup.

I'm not to sure how long the offer is valid for but sign up to AustConserv on Facebook and Twitter for more information