Over the past 6 months, PB Web Development has been attending Drupal meetups and groups to better understand the content management system, and to gain knowledge in building complex Drupal websites. You can see more photos of the Drupal meetups from our Facebook fanpage. We've have met an array of great and passionate Drupal developers and have seen some great projects come into play. Also with the latest release of Drupal 7, it has made it very appealing to use the CMS but of course, not all the modules are ready yet for Drupal 7.

We here at PB Web Development have been slowly building a few Drupal websites and hopefully will have a handful to release in the next coming months. The website development and build process of a Drupal website is quite different to that of a Joomla website but we're getting the hang of it. Semantic HTML is semantic anywhere you go. Stay tuned to see what we have to release on this on the Drupal 7 platform.