Most of our clients use Facebook for some aspect of their business whether its for personal or business use.

What is more important to note is that you should be integrating in Facebook Insights into your apps and websites in order to get a little bit more detailed data about your users.

Almost everyone uses Google Analytics to track the amount of traffic that flows through a website. You can track unique visitors, bounce rates, conversions and much more but what this lacks is any type of demographic detail in regards to those visitors.

This is where Facebook Insights comes into play and can help analyse the type of traffic that is coming to your site and allows you to better target the website and content to your audience.

Facebook Insights provides developers and Page owners with metrics about their content. By understanding and analyzing trends about usage and demographics as well as consumption and creation of content, you can be better equipped to improve your business and create better experiences on Facebook.

By simply adding in one line of code that allows Facebook to see that you are the admin of the website will give you a whole suite of data and demographics that can be viewed.

Simple find your Facebook admin id via the Facebook Graph Explorer and add this little snippet of code replacing the USER_ID with your Facebook admin ID.

 Contact our Sydney office if you would like a little bit of help and advice in regards to integrating Insights into your website.