Over the last year we here at PB Web Development have been making more of a push to build all of our Joomla based websites with the T3 Framework Version 3 and it has been one of the best business decisions we have made to date for our development processes.

The T3 Framework work has allowed the entire design and development team to speed up the entire project process. Working within a framework and set of rules has made designing a lot easier and better. The designs are then more easily translated into working templates for Joomla as all of the design rules match the rules that are also applied for development.

"Switching to the T3 framework for all of our Joomla implementations has made a huge difference to the speed in which we can deliver website solutions at PB Web Development. The framework gives us the flexibility to build rich responsive websites that are mobile ready and packed with great features that make our websites visually appealing, professional and user friendly. The time and investment to train the entire team to use it effectively has been well worth the investment with happy and satisfied clients as the end result." –  Peter Bui

T3 is based on the popular Twitter Boostrap framework and how has even been improved and implemented for Boostrap V3 as well as a suite of other bleeding edge web features. To find out more about T3, visit the project page at http://t3-framework.org

There are many template providers around the world that are using T3 as a base for their template including:

as well as many other Joomla service providers, like us, who have taken to T3 to provide responsive templates for all of their clients.

We here at PB Web Development have also put together a training program and online training course for T3 for anyone else that is interested in learning more about the T3 framework and using it for their own websites and business.