The Agilyx Group needed a new website that helped to sell and generate leads for their services and product offerings in the world of ERP software.

The existing website served its purpose over the years and was now becoming limiting and costly to maintain and update. The team required a site that was flexible, allowing them to update, create new sales landing pages and present content in unique layouts without having to continuously engage with the design and development team to create and code new layouts and templates.

The new website would also act as a global platform for all the regions that the company had now expanded to internationally and allow for further expansion.

The requirements for the quickly expanding and growing company included:

  • Lead generation
  • Flexible content management system with layouts that are not developer focused and locked to the developer
  • Better search engine optimisation
  • Easy administration of content without the need of working in code repositories such as Github or Bitbucket
  • Integration with HubSpot


The execution for the website was custom coded and relies on git and services such as Github and Bitbucket to manage code and deploy code for websites, especially when we are working in large development teams.

What we designed and built for the Agilyx team was a custom page builder that allowed the team to create various sales and lead pages in any possible combination they could envision.

Design & UX

Agilyx Group animation

The design team worked with Agilyx to create various wireframes and user scenarios across the website to determine layout and functionality.

Lead generation is a key aspect to the business and one of the main factors for the redesign and restructure of the website. Every page had a selling point with key call to actions to drive the user into the sales funnel and allow the Agilyx sales team to take over.

Custom Page Builder

Agilyx Group animation

Once all the variations from the designs were created, the team implemented a custom page builder that worked well with modern development practises. The majority of the page builders on the market were not up to the code and delivery performance standards that were required for the project. We wanted a cleanly coded website that performed well, was highly search engine optimised and easily managed. Hence we built our own for the Agilyx team using a flexible section builder and advanced custom fields.

These sections were essentially building blocks, taken from the designs of the website. The building blocks could be reused and repeated on multiple pages allowing the Agilyx team full flexibility in creating and presenting content on the website. It functions in a very similar fashion to a regular page builder but is always consistent with the website styling and theme, always outputting clean and semantic code and works seamlessly throughout on the website.

Custom post types, such as client data and testimonials, were organised in a logical manner in WordPress which allowed for the reuse of the content across the website. This allows for the manipulation of content in one central location and automatically updates across the website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation for any website is crucial and for the new Agilyx website, we applied certain factors to allow for the multi region multisite that they requested to work with.

Rather than different domain names for each of the regions around the world, one site would act as the central domain along with custom sub folders that would act as the different region websites.

Using auto geo detection of the user, the website is able to redirect the user to the nearest region. The top level domain,, will always try to redirect the user to the closest regional website to the user.

Each of these regional websites acts as a separate website targeted with regional tags. These sites were then also submitted to Google Webmaster Tools separately and categorised into their regions allowing Google to display the correct search results for each region.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot integration came in the form of lead generation form embedding and tracking via the website. The custom sections that were created for the website adequately handled the embedding of the HubSpot lead forms. Extra formatting and design were required but provided a smooth integration and embedding of HubSpot into our solution.

Deployment on WPEngine Hosting

The PB Web Development team recommended WPEngine as the hosting platform for the new Agilyx website. The platform provided a decent caching layer to help speed up the website along with an inbuilt CDN to help accelerate the delivery of assets on the website around the world due to its global multi-site nature.

WPEngine also ensure that the backups and general WordPress security were adequately managed, aspects the Agilyx team had no expertise to handle internally.

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The final result for Agilyx was a very customisable and flexible website that suited their brand and communicated the selling points of Agilyx as an ERP solutions and service provider.

The new website is flexible enough to create many more layouts, sales and lead generation pages and general content pages without the continuous support of web development team. This also leads to easier maintenance and management of the website from a content editors point of view.

The site is well optimised and indexed easily by search engines, providing better opportunities to rank higher for various keywords and search phrases globally.

The multisite setup allows the Agilyx Group to expand the website to more regions across the world with minimal effort. Simply creating a new regional website and replicating the desired content and customising it for that region is all that is required.

Overall the new website meets the desired goals of the Agilyx team, creating more opportunities for leads and making the digital marketing efforts easier.