Advance video platform built in Laravel, connected to the Ooyala video platform and API.

EnhanceTV was evolving into its third iteration of the platform growing over the years from VHS tapes, to digital downloads and now to video streaming.

Screenrights Australia required a new platform that worked with it chosen media asset management system, Ooyala.

The PB Web Development team gathered the business requirements over several months to build a plan and prototype of the new system to implement a new design and build.

PB Web Development built the new platform in Laravel and React.js, with a decoupled business logic usecase layer all done in pure PHP.

The team designed and built everything from the administration screens to manage the customers to the registration and single sign on process that tied into Google OAuth and CENet SSO and CRM integration with SalesForce.

The new platform now runs on a managed Amazon Cloud instance with the media asset manager and other Ooyala components powering the delivery of the media.