The Regional Rights Resource Team is essentially the United Nations for the South Pacific region. The team required a new website to communicate its work that it does across the South Pacific, everything from programs, publications, research and educational initiatives for the people of the Pacific.

Being able to reach the community, showcase and promote their work that has been achieved was essential to the team and the people of the South Pacific.


PB Web Development designed and delivered an optimised responsive website that not only caters for desktop users but also mobile and tablet users around the South Pacific. Aspects of the project were made as accessible as possible in order to reach the majority of their target audience.

Everything from optimised code, reduced payloads, content delivery networks and distributed CDN solutions were utilised in the project to help deliver the project and increase its reach.

The website itself is hosting on a optimised Joomla! hosting base in Sydney Australia that allows for the fastest delivery possible across the South Pacific.

The website has also been nominated for various awards around the world.

Services Provided

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