Unusual Risks wanted to communicate their specialised life insurance for people living with HIV and/or diabetes in a way that was empowering and supportive for their clients. We included imagery that represented real modern families and created personas to help connect with different types of clients and communicate insurance options in relatable language.

Unusual Risks has since become the proud winner of the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Awards 2017, helping HIV positive Australians get life insurance. Now that’s a positive outcome.

The build of the website was done in Joomla due to the flexibilities in the layouts that are required. Other platforms would have been overly complicated to implement and maintain. Joomla was the best option.

The team help divide and segment the target audience into separate personas and help visually define the services and benefits that Unusual Risks could provide for its customers. This was reflected clearly in the design on both desktop and mobile devices.

Each of the landing pages had unique content that was tailored to each persona. Joomla allowed for the easy management of the modules and customisation of content as well as the dynamic nature of the layouts allowing it to be customised by the client.