Ep108 - Nicky Veitch Talks About Joomla World Conference 2017

Please give us feedback and let us know what you want to hear more about.

Listen to this episode.

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Ep107 - Top New Joomla Extensions for November 2017

Ep107 - Top New Joomla Extensions for November 2017

Joomla News Updates

Various new updates from the world of Joomla.

  • Joomla World Conference is This Weekend. Big weekend of Joomla socialising, networking and learning.
  • Joomla…

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Ep106 - News, Updates, JWC17 & Podcast Updates

We're back with news from the Joomla industry, including updates with the Joomla CMS, CMS Critic award and Joomla World Conference 2017.

Joomla Win CMS Critic Award

For the third year running, Joomla has won the CMS Critic Award. This year for "Best Free CMS" with WordPress coming runner up.

See the awards list of all the winners from various categories.

Joomla Updates in 3.8

Many updates from…

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Ep105 - Joomla Beat Update

Some of you may have been wondering what on earth is going on with the podcast and what's happened to Peter and Martina. We haven't posted an episide in awhile. Are we alive? Is the podcast still going?

Where in the world are we? These are some of the common questions we are being asked and you can find out more about what is happening now.

In this episode we answer some of those questions from our listeners and update you on the future of the podcast.

Listen to this episode…

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Ep104 - What and Why You Should Use Personas for Your Website

Martina and I talk about personas or avatars in this episode.

They are the foundation of almost every web project that we build for our clients, whether it's a simple brochure style website for a small business to a complex application for a large company or enterprise, personas are the defining building block to all user experience design and development that you may do for a project.

Defining the personas for the website helps you as a designer, developer, content writer or marketer,…

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Ep103 - Conversion Rate Optimisation with Matt Hayden

Matthew Hayden joins me on the podcast to talk about conversion rate optimisation. The special art of getting the most out of your website with split A / B testing to see what is working on your website and what isn't working.

Matthew goes through the tools and software that he uses at his agency along with some of the ideas and concepts behind how they work.

Gain some valuable insights into conversion rate optimisation for your business website.

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Ep102 - Creating Sales Funnels & Driving Traffic with Eden Brownlee

Eden Brownlee is an online marketing expert with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporates. He helps them create lead lists and the sales funnels behind these lists to create optimal profiles.

Eden also has create a Joomla extension called Marketing Rocket that will help you create your very own sales funnels and drive traffic for conversions for your website or for your clients.

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Ep101 - Inbound Marketing to Grow Your Customers with Ryan Ozimek

Ryan Ozimek joins me on the podcast to talk about inbound marketing in his company for the nonprofit sector.

Ryan helps break down some of the concepts of inbound marketing and explains how he does it for his clients.

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Ep100 - Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Podcast (3 hours)

This is a super long 3 hour episode celebrating the Joomla Beat Podcast's 100th episodes.

If this is your first time listening, I'd recommend taking a break every 30 minutes and coming back another time. The Podcasts usually are only 30mins-60mins long.

In this podcast I interview:

  • Brian Teeman
  • Henry Nguyen
  • Isidro Baquero
  • Jessica Dunbar
  • Jon Neubauer
  • Kenneth Crowder
  • Parth Lawate
  • Ryan Ozimek
  • Shaila…

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Ep99 - Steve Burge, OSTraining, Shares Membership Site Secrets

Steve Burge, the create and owner of OSTraining shares his secrets in creating the largest provider of open source content management system training in the world.

Steve shares how he started the business, how he controls and manages his website, his secret in what runs his membership site and lastly, some insights into how he optimises memberships to build a valuable membership and keeps his members on.

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