Hurray for our first ever Joomla Beat Podcast!

Please excuse the audio quality of the podcast for this recording. I chose the office as the first location of the recording and we didn't pick up the slight room echo, background noise or electrical interference on the recording while there. You may have not noticed it either until I told you but it does improve as I ran back to the home studio which is pretty much sound proof and recorded the rest of the show in much better quality.

We have much planned for the show including new voice overs, transitions, interviews and new segments to keep things entertaining and exciting.

I'd love to hear feedback in regards to the quality and content. If you wish to be on the show too, please let me know and we'll work out a time and schedule in an interview.

Show Notes

A little about myself: Peter Bui

If you haven't managed to Google anything about me or perhaps you couldn't figure out which is the right Peter Bui, here is a little run down about who I am.

I started in the web industry in about 1997 working on my own gallery website for an art/photography project that I was doing back in the day. I built my first new websites and was pretty much hooked in from there. I studied computer science and worked in the Government as an Intranet designer and developer where I improved my skills in web accessibility and front end implementation. While I was working there in 2005 I also picked up Joomla! and haven't looked back since. I spent countless hours at night building my first Joomla template and website and eventually PB Web Development was born. I learnt how to search engine optimise the website and gained the first position for the key word phrase, "web development Adelaide" on Google and quickly started picking up business.

From there I've grown the business with the help of my partner Martina Kocian, and have also moved to Sydney where we now reside and operate the business, designing and developing open source websites for small-medium enterprise and Government clients.

It's been a great journey so far and I'm loving every moment working with Joomla!

New Years Resolutions

I'm personally not that great with New Years Resolutions but we've set some business goals for ourselves this year.

YouTube Joomla Channel

We're still working on the YouTube Channel and will post links up as soon as it is up and ready!


We're still writing the ebook but you can however subscribe to the newsletter to get a copy of the first chapter when it is ready.

Joomla Magazine Article of the Week

This is our weekly segment from the Joomla Magazine. If you haven't seen or read any of the articles on the Joomla Magazine you can do so at the main website:

Mobilize Joomla

Article by Ali Safaie about getting mobile with Joomla wither by converting your website into a a mobile site or using applications to manage your Joomla website. Forum Topic of the Week - Has Joomla Lost Its Popularity?

The forum post asks if Joomla's popularity is on the decline by using the main forums activity as a indicator of popularity.

I personally argue that it isn't losing it's popularity but rather gaining in popularity and maturing as a product as it emerges and migrates to different markets. WordPress may still get a huge amount of searches and may be the most popular of the big three open source CMS but the decline of search trends may be due to bigger enterprise companies using Joomla and Drupal and hence wouldn't be searched for solutions themselves via forums and online resources.

Instead these big corporates and Government agencies would be looking for help and support directly through third party providers.

Either way, I'd love to hear your opinion as to what you may think the reason is for the decline of forum activity and whether or not Joomla is losing it's popularity.

Joomla download count of Joomla 2.5.8 since November 8th, 2012 - 1,069,770 downloads as of January 8th 2013! That's a lot of downloads.

It has also been pointed out that a lot of extension and template providers have their own forums and would be encouraging users to engage on those forums instead of the main Joomla forums where less help for the specific extensions is available. Melbourne JoomlaDay 2013

We're very excited about this two day conference and you can find out more about it at the main JoomlaDay Melbourne website -

We're hoping to meet up with:

Brian Teeman - Peter van Westen - Joomla Shine team - at the event and do a few interviews with them while they're here in Australia.

The program for the weekend and the workshop program We're registering for Brian Teemans security workshop and hopefully someone elses if we can cram it in as we're in Melbourne doing one on one training as well.

It's looking like a great weekend and reading some of the blog posts that are coming out at the moment:

It looks like the catering for the weekend is going to be amazing as well!

That's all for this week and we hope to catch you all on the next podcast. Don't forget to subscribe to the feeds via Stitcher, SoundCloud, iTunes or the RSS feed on the website.

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