This episode we have a few Joomla shout outs to Richard Pearce from Build a Joomla Website and OS Training and their series of #OSTalk video interviews.

We also have an extension review of BT Slideshow and a services review of

Lastly we have an awesome interview with Thang, founder of JoomlaShine in Vietnam talking about how he started in the Joomla space and with JoomlaShine itself.

Show Notes

Shout Outs

Build a Joomla Website - - Joomla tutorials from Richard Pearce OSTalks - - Awesome talks and interviews with open source professionals from around the world and from all sorts of open source solutions. Thanks Rod Martina and Steve Burge for spear heading this!

Joomla Extension Review

Bow Theme's BT Background Slideshow

We used this for a client and found it quite a well made extension for Joomla. It allows for the addition of a slideshow background on your Joomla website. Since it is applied as a module you can assign the module to certain pages of your site. Coupled with Advanced Module Manager from Peter van Western of NoNumber, you can make it appear and work on your website in many different ways.

A very unique extension with lots of capabilities.

Joomla Service Review

MyJoomla is an awesome service put together by Phil Taylor. I hope to have him on the show for an interview about the service. MyJoomla allows you to perform security audits on your website, scanning for issues that may arise from hacked files to malicious code that could potentially harm or open up your Joomla website to attack from hackers.

It also allows you to perform schedule backups and scans of your website with alerts being sent to you if anything happens.

Site scanning pings also let you know if the website ever goes down!

It is an awesome and very well put together service and solution and for 19 UK Pounds per month it is also a very cost effective solution.

Check it out at, Phil you've put together an amazing service. Thank you.

Interview with Thang from JoomlaShine

Thang from JoomlaShine talks about how he started with Joomla back in the Mambo days just before the slit to Joomla and his venture in to the Joomla space.

Starting JoomlaShine in his mid 20s and then building a thriving business based around the Joomla CMS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

JDM2013 coupon code for JoomlaShine templates and extensions!

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