This week on the show we have an interview with Tenko Nikolov, the CEO from SiteGround.

Last week we saw a massive brute force attack that was affecting so many sites on the website and Tenko talks to us about the issue, what it is and how SiteGround managed to stop it from affecting their servers and their customers. He also leaves a few handy tips to help protect your Joomla websites from these types of attacks.

I also go over some Joomla news and events that are happening this week including the release of Joomla 3.1 which should be happening any moment.

Show Notes

Joomla News

This week we see the release of the latest Joomla 3.1. Not quite released at the time of recording the show but should come out any minute :)

We also have JoomlaDay Netherlands on this weekend and the details for J and Beyond conference have been announced. It will be held close to Amsterdam on the 31st May until the 2nd of June 2013.

More details about J and Beyond can be found on the main website:

Interview with Tenko Nikolov

This topic came about from a Joomla Beat fan, Joe White, that was asking about the recent brute force attacks that have been sweeping the net lately. Tenko Nikolov, who is the CEO of SiteGround takes us through how he got into IT in general and what he does at SiteGround.

Tenko also explains what the brute force attack is and how SiteGround deal with it and stop it from happening. You can read more about the process on the SiteGround blog.

JHackGuard The Security Plugin from SiteGround

And of course you can sign up to SiteGround (affiliate link) and get that special deal of 60% off your hosting account on SiteGround.

Thank you to Izabela and Mike from Music Radio Creative for the complex audio branding experience for the podcast. Awesome job guys.

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