In this weeks episode I have an interview with Gev Balyan from Bang2Joom, a new upcoming Joomla template and extension development company providing some cool resources for the Joomla community.

In this episode I also look at the next few JoomlaDay events that are coming up in the next few months.

I also cover an awesome social media tool called Storify and how you can use it for your next event!

Show Notes

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After seeing a new car ad recently online, I've learn that you can now listen to podcasts and on demand radio in your car via the Stitcher app that some new cars have installed into their online computers. Very cool, let me know if you have a car that has this built into it and let me know how the Joomla Beat Podcast sounds on it in your car.

JoomlaDay Netherlands

I didn't get to go to this JoomlaDay but I did watch it carefully via social media seeing all the great food and connections that were being made at the event.

Now I've put together a Storify feed for the two day event which recaps the entire event and you can get to that via and that will take you to that first day's feed.

I have and interview with Sander Potjer about what he does and also his recap of the event too.

Other JoomlaDays that are coming up, JoomlaDay Guatemala and JoomlaDay Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Renato Bastos, [email protected], is one of the organisers for JoomlaDay Brazil (São Paulo), that is happening on the 5th and 6th of July. Renato has put the call out fo speakers and sponsorship for the event. You can find out more about the event and sponsorship at the main website. You can find out more about the upcoming JoomlaDay around the world at:

Perhaps you might want to start a JoomlaDay!

Social Media - Storify

Storify allows content producers to collate snippets of social media, collate and curate them all into one story.

When someone goes to an event like a JoomlaDay, you spend a lot of time connecting with people, chatting, taking photos and making some great connections. When you leave you can be presented with a storyboard snapshot of all the days events in one beautifully pieced feed that collates all that happens in one spot.

Of course there are other cases where you can see and collate world events such as the uprising in Egypt, or the capture of the Boston Bomber or event a local fundraising party. There are some many uses for Storify.

These stories can be shared via social media with mention to the references that you might have obtained from the internet as well as being embedded on to your own website.

Being able to pull in all the social media networks data from all the different places all into one makes for one great collection. Of course all this data and information can be curated and filtered to make the content of the final feed even better than what gets spat out on social media sometimes.

If you want to see an example of how we used it, check out the Storify feeds from JoomlaDay Netherlands that we have put together.

Also, if you decide to use this for a Joomla event, please let me know and I'll mention it on the podcast for others to find and follow.

Another working example of the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Blogger Event.

Interview with Gev Balyan from Bang2Joom

Gev Balyan talks to me on the show about how Gev started working with Joomla and how he started building a Joomla business.

Slowly starting by building websites for clients and then growing that and his team at Bang2Joom.

Gev talks about how they have started using T3 as their primary templating framework for websites and how they help contribute to the project to help improve and grow the project.

Also mentioned is a list of extensions and templates that Bang2Joom have built for the Joomla community.

Templates T3 powered template, fully responsive and mobile ready Beautiful template that is very javascript orientated with multiple effects. Built for RedShop. Extensions Ajax powered module used to display K2 content Unique and very different gallery module used to display images in a very different way.

Use the coupon code "joomlabeat" when checking out on the Bang2Joom website to receive a 15% off discount on all products.

You can follow Gev on Facebook and on Twitter and of course see all the work at the Bang2Joom website.

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