This week we have a special guest doing the news segment for the show. Brian Teeman, who also featured in episode 8 of the Joomla Beat Podcast, gives us an update of what is coming up at the J and Beyond conference in the Netherlands.

I also have an interview with Sander Potjer from the Netherlands talking about JoomlaDay Netherlands and his ACL Manager extension.

Make sure you listen to the entire podcast for the special coupon codes for discount tickets to JandBeyond and ACL Manager.

Show Notes

Brian TeemanBrian Teeman joins me on the show for the news section of the Joomla Beat Podcast. You can find out more about Brian at You can also donate to the charity that he is swimming for at J and Beyond. He'll be trying to swim 1km in order to raise money for a childrens charity. Find out more if he'll sink or swim.

J and Beyond Coming Up!

J and Beyond a huge Joomla conference that happens in the first half of the year annually. It brings together developers from around the world to one amazing location and this year it is being held at NH Conference Centre, Leeuwenhorst in the Netherlands.

If you are a developer, then this is the event the most important event in the year for you to go to. Not only will you be presented with over 50 presentations about Joomla and development, you'll also be able to network with the best of the best Joomla has to offer.

Some of the highlights include a wide range of presentations and topics, indepth workshops and presentations that go for 2 hours which will allow you to immerse yourself in the topic and connect with the presenters.

The event goes over three whole days with the Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards (J.O.S.C.A.R.S.) ceremony on the first evening.

If you haven't heard of what the J.O.S.C.A.Rs are then read over the nomination form to find out more. It is essentially the Joomla's awards night for regonition of work and achievements in the Joomla community.

If you'd like to find out more or nominate someone, an extension, website or more, make sure you fill in the form and do so.

Early bird tickets are on sale now until the 1st of May for €199 but if you miss out on that discount, Joomla Beat listeners will get access to 5 more tickets at that same price when they use the special discount coupon code. You will have to listen to the podcast episode to find out what the discount code is.

J and Beyond 2013 | An International Joomla! Conference - May 31st - 2nd, 2013, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

Will Brian Teeman Sink or Swim?

Another highlight at the J and Beyond conference is You can donate to the cause at Just Giving:

May 9th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Thursday May 9th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, #GAAD. It is a day to promote the awareness of accessibility to everyone. Here in Australia there are several events that are happening on the night to help promote awareness.

Check out more information at

Follow GAAD on Facebook and on Twitter to organise or find an event near you.

Sander Potjer, JoomlaDay Netherlands and ACL Manager

Sander joins me on the show and tells us about hsi journey in to the Joomla world. What started out as a simple website to collect beer money slowly turned into a passion for the CMS and the community.

Sander joins the international Joomla community as a Community Leadership Team member helping support various aspects of the community.

He is also one of the organisers for JoomlaDay Netherlands and gives us a recap of some of the highlights of the event.

If you haven't seen the Sunday morning keynote, Joomla Blues, then have a chuckle and watch it on YouTube.

You can also see a social media recap of the event via our Storify feed that we have created for the event.

Sander also talks about his ACL manager extension that he had created to make managing Joomla's permissions across multiple extensions easier. If you're running a large site with complex permission levels then ACL Manager is a god send in terms of managing those different permission levels.

Use the coupon code mentioned in the podcast for a 25% off your subscription to ACL manager.

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