This week is the second part of the search engine optimisation series and I'm talking about title tags and how to best use them in your Joomla website.

I also have a few news updates and also my second part interview with Vic Drover from Anything Digital talking about the other products that they offer at Anything Digital as concentrating in particular on their search engine optimisation extension called SH404SEF.

Victor also leaves us with a few SEO tips and also a coupon code to take advantage of the products and services from Anything Digital

Show Notes

Joomla SEO case Study

As some of you may be aware, I've started a site build and SEO case study that you can watch and follow on a weekly basis. Every week I'll be doing different aspects of the website build and take you through how we plan, design, build and optimise a website from scratch and hopefully get it to number one of the search terms that we are aiming for.

You can follow the case study: Potts Point Pizza, and get updates on all of the progress as the site is being built.

Joomla Content Version Control Addition

This is an exciting new addition to the Joomla core that I can not wait for. I've been using third party extensions for many websites in the past and this will really push Joomla in to a higher market bracket that requires version control of content as a part of the work flow process.

Thank you Mark Dexter who has put so much work into this new feature! (I said DexterCowley in the podcast which is his username, Sorry!)

Joomla content version control on

Check out the project and test and help squash the bugs to get this released in the next big release of Joomla.

Here is a little except from the post about the addition:

To try the new feature

Do a new Joomla install using the patch versions-2.diff. Or get the latest diff from Github here: Or you can install from the full zip file Edit an article or article category. Enter the Version Name (optional) and click Save. Now make some changes to the article. Enter a new version name and save again. Click the Prior Versions Button. A modal window pops up and shows you the versions. Restore from the original version by clicking the checkbox and Load Version button. Known Issues At This Time

Does not show version name in edit form after restore from history. Does not restore tag changes (saved in mapping table) or article or category permissions. Preview and Compare buttons not implemented yet in version history modal. Only articles and article categories are implemented at this time.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips Part 2:

Optimising Your Joomla Titles for Better Search Engine Optimisation and Better Click Through Rates

This week I talk about titles in your Joomla site, how to control them and best practises when it comes to using titles in your Joomla website.

Check out my detailed blog post about optimising your Joomla titles for better SEO and better click through rates.

Interview with Vic Drover

This Week Victor talks more about Anything Digital and how the company got started.

He also talks about some of the products and services that are available for Anything Digital.

  • Josetta
  • JInbound
  • SH404SEF

Victor has been lucky enough to have partnered up with other passionate Joomla developers and users over the years and has come up with some great products and services.

As a part of the SH404SEF rebuild and upgrade to version 4 for the release on Joomla 3, they also ran a competition to give away an iPad mini. You can find out more about the competition and the winner on their blog.

iPad winner Victor also offers a coupon code that will give any listener 25% off any of their products and services for the rest of this year! Listen to the interview for his special coupon code.

Make sure you also listen to the podcast where Victor gives us a few SEO tips and techniques to better improve your search engine optimisation for your website.

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