There are so many events around Joomla that happen all around the world and there are a few key ones coming up in the next few months.

This episode I give a run down on a few events that are happening over the next two months. I also highlight the global Pizza, Bugs and Fun night for combine efforts in squashing bugs next month for the Joomla project.

I also have an interview with Pete Nurse, the convenor of JoomlaDay Melbourne 2013 and we talk about a few aspects in organising events and learn from his experience in putting together JoomlaDay Melbourne.

Show Notes

Joomla News

Next upcoming JoomlaDay events around the world

  • JoomlaDay Greece 2013 - June 15
  • JoomlaDay Cotonou (BENIN) - July 05
  • JoomlaDay São Paulo - July 05
  • JoomlaDay Kenya 13 - August 02

You can find out more about how to organise a JoomlaDay event at

JoomlaDay Sydney 2013 is also happening soon on the 19th and 20th of October this year.

You can check out sneak peaks of the design at:

Pizza, Bugs and Fun

Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun bug squashing eventOn July 12th 2013 is the next Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun event. It is a virtual event on a global scale aimed at getting as many Joomla enthusiasts into coding for the project all at the same time.

If you want to learn how to get into the Joomla code and start contributing back to the community you can do so by going to the main website and following the links and references to getting started with contributing, reporting bugs and testing the Joomla core.

  • How to test bug fixes
  • How to submit bug fixes
  • How to report a bug

Furthermore, the bug squad team have put together a little landing page of where contributors to the day can put their hand up and join in on the event.

You can find out more about how you can participate the pledge hours to the development and bug squashing event at:

Grab a badge, spread the word and join in on the global initiative to get more people squashing those bugs.

Credits go to:


Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) Organizer

Nick Savov Designer for landing page

CloudAccess Developer for landing page

Janich Rasmussen Designer for badges

Helvecio "Elvis" da Silva

Interview with Pete Nurse

Pete Nurse is a long time advocate for open source and this year in 2013, he helped organise Melbourne JoomlaDay 2013.

Pete talks a little bit about the experience in running the JoomlaDay event and what he wanted to achieve in doing it.

He also gives a few take away points that other would be event organisers may want to take note of when organising their own.

Form a relationship with your partners for the event. Pete mentions their relationship with Swinburne University and it was indeed a fantastic brand new venue for the event. Be regular and consistent with your meetings of your user groups and meetups. As long as people are use to the fact that the is always a meetup for the Joomla User Group in a regular location and regular time, people can come along and make and schedule their lives around it to be able to attend. Use a booking system that works for you. The Melbourne Joomla User Group used TryBooking for their ticket sales for Melbourne JoomlaDay 2013 and it worked wonders for them. Being able to tap in to local bank accounts and processors in Australia and accept credit cards instead of just PayPal made things very easy. EventBrite is another very popular ticketing system that is also a third party service and can be integrated with Joomla. Pete also talks about some of his ideas in regards to forming a committee or organisation around controlling, funding and taking away the risk in running such events around Australia.

I know from speaking to others in the world such as Sander Potjer from the Netherlands that they do have a similar organisation and setup but they seem to much more mature in their structure being around for almost 7 years already.

Eitherway, check out the interview with Pete and form your own opinions on the matter and where ever you live in the world, think about these aspects and if your area/region may need it or not.

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