Oduor Jagero joins me on the show this week with an update from JoomlaDay Kenya, he talks a little about what they're up to this year at JoomlaDay Kenya and the audience that they're trying to reach from students from various universities around the Kenya to the people and businesses that are using Joomla to publish to the world.

I also have an exciting interview with Lilyana Yakimova, the marketing director from SiteGround talking about the new updates, changes and redesign of the SiteGround website. She talks about why they did it and what they were trying to achieve in regards to communicating their brand and business.

Lilyana points out a few of the pitfalls and short comings of SiteGround and important parts of the business that were not communicated to their customers clearly. She defines the reason why a business like SiteGround would want to change the branding of the business to better communicate what they do to their audience.

She leaves us also with some awesome take away tips in regards to rebranding your own website and businesses and what you should really be thinking about before embarking on the process.

Show Notes

JoomlaDay Kenya

Oduor Jagero chats about everything that they have planned for JoomlaDay Kenya. Overall it sounds like a very big event for Kenya with key Joomla specialists from around the country and around the world coming to the event to share ideas and knowledge about Joomla.

You can find out more about JoomlaDay Kenya from the mail website and you can also find out more information about Oduor by following him on his blog and twitter accounts.

We're also in the process of setting up a crowd funding campaign to raise some money for JoomlaDay Kenya in terms of group collaborative sponsorship that I would like to be used to help the students travel to and attend JoomlaDay Kenya.

The campaign at the moment is in pending mode on Pozible and as soon as the details are defined we'll get the message out to everyone to help support it.

We are hoping to target the campaign and money raised to help the students that are attending JoomlaDay Kenya to get to the event and experience everything that is so great about Joomla.

Interview with Lilyana Yakimova from SiteGround

Lilyana joins me on the show to talk about the huge rebranding, and redesign of SiteGround. Everything has been redesigned from the ground up and the handmade philosophy behind the entire rebranding strategy.

Lilyana's background in business administration and marketing led her to working at SiteGround for over 10 years watching the company grow from strength to strength and it is her role to communicate what these strengths are.

I did my best not to make the interview an advertorial episode but I did point out a couple of unique features that only SiteGround provide in their basic shared hosting environments that no other shared hosting provider offer including the choice of multiple data centres around the world and high level of performance options in their shared hosting environments such as their super cache and memcache servers.

(Memcache speeds up your website by storing common repeated SQL queries that your site may do over and over again in memory making the response of your website faster as it doesn't need to perform those queries again to load a page. It took me about half a day to a day to set up a dedicated memcache server for a client and I vowed never to do it again with out further investigation. SiteGround's memcache ability I could configure in about ~3 minutes.)

Lilyana leaves us also with some great marketing and rebranding take away points including:

Don't rebrand your website because you feel like it, if you have some new, true and valuable to tell your customers then it may be worth investigating a rebrand. If you have a problem about communicating to your customers or a problem about your brand position then a rebrand can help better communicate that message It isn't about the outcome but all about communication Determine what your website or business isn't communicating clearly and change it accordingly to better communicate that message. Look for weak points in the communication strategy and find better ways to present the to your audience. Win Some SiteGround Swag - Tshirts, Hoodies and Converse Sneakers!

shoe sitegroundSiteGround at the moment are giving away some awesome swag in the form of tshirts, hoodies and even Converse sneakers! Very cool, you can get involved in that competition by jumping onto their Vimeo and YouTube channels and commenting on what you think about their key aspects in the three main videos that feature on their website including Support, Speed and Security.

SiteGround blog SiteGround Blog: Read About Our Videos faceboook Facebook: Security Video - Speed Video - Support Video google plus Google+: Security Video - Speed Video - Support Video youtube Youtube: Security Video - Speed Video - Support Video vimeo Vimeo: Security Video - Speed Video - Support Video

Huge thanks to both Oduor and Lilyana for joining me on the show! You can take advantage of the awesome SiteGround offer for Joomla Beat listeners and claim that $3.95 a month hosting offer.

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