I interview Chiara Aliotta on the Joomla Beat Podcast to talk about where she gets inspiration in regards to her designer work and gives us a list of great inspiration designer blogs.

Chiara talks about her background and how she got into the design industry. She also talks about influences in her career that have positioned her in the Joomla design industry today. She now has her own design agency called Until Sunday and does work also for Joomla Shack.

I also have a few social media updates in regards to Facebook and a new feature in Instragram.

Show Notes

Social Media News Updates

  • Facebook Introduces Hashtags to their posts
  • Instagram adds Videos to its App.
  • Read more about the new additions to Instagram and how it may kill off Vine.

Interview with Chiara Aliotta from Until Sunday

Chiara Aliotta's Desk

Chiara Aliotta's desk filled with design inspiration and her posters from her presentation at J and Beyond 2013

Chiara shares a whole lot of designer resources where she gets a lot of her design inspiration. Mostly from the print industry where her background stems from.

Web designers

Others that Chiara admires:

Inspiration online

  • clothia.com (about fashion trends...something like Pinterest, but just for fashion)
  • Pinterest (of course)
  • http://www.piccsy.com/everything-design/ (great resource to keep yourself always updated)
  • Instagram (great for color palette and mood board)

Inspiration offline

Some nice books like

  • Typography Matters
  • Just my type
  • Emotional Design
  • 100 Things every Designer should know about people
  • I heart design
  • Blink

Finally Chiara's links

Further, soon a t-shirt designed by Chiara will be soon sell on this site, only for 7 days: http://www.misterdressup.com/

Take Away Points from Chiara's Interview

A few take away points from her interview include:

Find inspiration from other designers Look at typography and fashion for trends in design When designing for Joomla don't forget about usability and also accessibility of your websites Take away points from her presentation about the relationship between designers and developers

Communication, so important to move from step to step in the process Respect, understand and respect that design and development are two different disciplins

Chiara's Presentation from J and Beyond 2013

Chiara's presentation from J and Beyond 2013

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