In this week's episode I have the second part of my interview with Jessica Dunbar from Anything Digital.

This part Jessica talks about social media and how important it is to use it to drive traffic and visitors to your website. Jessica talks about Google+ and Pinterest to help market your website and business online.

I also go through a few Joomla news items this week including the Pizza, Bugs and Fun global event as well as looking at the UX and UI changes from last week's meetup around UX and UI improvements for Joomla.

Show Notes

Jessica Dunbar Interview Part 2 - Looking at Social Media Marketing

This week my interview with Jessica Dunbar continues as we talk more about social media in regards to online marketing and what you can take advantage of when it comes to getting your site marketed to the masses by social media.


If you have a physical location for your business, make sure your on Google+. Add your website to Google+ so that you can take advantage of locational based searches.


Guess blog "Why isn't Joomla Killing it on Pinterest". If you run a template club you should be showing off your stuff on Pinterest! Huge female demographic that can be taken advantage of, make sure you're using Pinterest if you have a female based demographic. You can find the Joomla Pinterest account at You can sell just about anything via Pinterest, even Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers.

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses and online marketers.

How Can You Take Advantage of Social Media

Automation is awesome but you need to be a real person posting online putting out good content that people will share and engage with. You can push content out but really you need to engage with your audience, monitor your social media channels and manage your reputation online. Watch your keywords on social media and make sure nothing bad is being said on social media and if there is make sure you're reacting to it, helping or working through issues people may be having online. We've all heard of many social media disaster stories that have happened online where users have taken to social media to vent their frustration. Make sure you dedicate some time to social media. It does take time and does take effort. Social media is global, so make sure you're engaging with social media on a global basis. Find the best time for you to engage with your audience, or even experiment with times to find other potential markets on the other side of the world. Tracking Your Social Media ROI

You can use Google Analytics to track all of your social media efforts.

In the admin area of Google Analytics you can add in all of your social media profiles including, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Google Analytics will then track when users come to your website via social media.

Managing your Social Media

Try HootSuite, it is a great tool to manage multiple social media accounts.

Also make sure you keep your personal social media accounts completely separate from your business accounts to make sure you don't mix things up.

Contributing to Anything Digital Blog

If you have something to say and want to have it published on the Anything Digital blog you can contact Jessica and have yourself published online.

Joomla News

Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun session

View the activity that has happened over the last week and find out what has been happening in regards to the big global bug squashing session.

Overview of the UX/UI Session by Brian Teeman

Brian Teeman has put together this great video outlining some of the work done from the UX/UI meetup and some of the cool new changes that will be implemented in the next release of Joomla to make it more user friendly and more accessible.


Thank you Brian for putting that together.

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