On this week's episode I have a beginners tip from Richard Pearce. He joins me on the show again to share a quick tip about installing Joomla onto your web server and mentions if sample data is useful or not.

I also have a few news updates and few really cool things I just found on the Joomla.org website and had no idea about including how to sponsor Joomla!

Lastly, I have David Hurley from Webspark who joins me for an interview to talking about one of his products called CRMery, a CRM extensions made for Joomla.

Show Notes

Beginners Tip with Richard Pearce - Installing Joomla the Quick and Easy Way

Richard Pearce has been kind enough to have created a few videos as well to help beginners with the process of installing Joomla the ways he's described in this episode.

Check them out on his YouTube Channel.

Installing Joomla 3 using Softaculous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfZjeS7YvLc

Fast Joomla Upload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vce9i3u90oA

Richard also mentioned to me after the chat that he's created a dedicated playlist of all the videos and beginners tips that he will be talking about on the podcast so make sure you check them out and subscribe to his channel as well. Joomla Beat playlist at Build a Joomla Website.

You can check out all of Richard's video tutorials and more at BuildAJoomlaWebsite.com

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