This week we take a look at the new MySpace and what potential it may have in terms of social media impact for Joomla site administrators and Joomla site owners. We also have an interview with the brilliant Anthony Olsen from JoomlaBamboo telling us a little bit about himself and a little more about JoomlaBamboo itself.

He also talks a little more about his move from the Zen Grid Framework to the T3V3 framework for all of JoomlaBamboo's new templates.

Show Notes

JoomlaDay Melbourne 2013

Re-cap of JoomlaDay Melbourne. I had a great weekend involving lots of learning, networking, and also some great food. The slides and video recordings should be released soon, i'll post the links for that when they are. In the meantime check out if you're interested.

Social Media Madness - MySpace

Last week saw the relaunch of the social network, MySpace. I logged in with my old account which was still active, and had a look around. From a design point of view it is actually rather impressive. From logging in you will see the new stream, which features a continuous infinity scroll, similar to Facebook and Twitter. The stream automatically reloads with more content as you scroll. The difference is the scroll is horizontal, which might take some getting used to. It is quite nice to see a change from the other social networks. In the steam you are able to view and browse artists and discover new ones also.

Different things you might notice, is the feature 'connect' which is similar to 'follow' on Twitter or 'like' on Facebook. Another difference is that the navigational bar is located in the footer area of the screen. The site is visually appealing with hi-res images and high quality audio which is staying true to what MySpace was traditionally known for, with the focus being music and artists alike.

There is also a very nice music player and the 'connect' with various songs on the music play is a nice and easy way to create a custom play list of songs on the fly. Love what they've put together there.

It is very easy to publish your own music online. With a 'manage' area, allowing users 2 GB of storage to upload albums and songs online. I can see this being very beneficial for artists and others in that industry. My overall view of the new MySpace is, I like it, allowing for a combination of LastFm's musical social network, the old myspace and soundcloud.

There is no integration with Joomla as of yet, but we might see something new out there in the near future.

If you have any comments if you have checked it out, let me know in the comments section below.

Recorded Interview with Anthony Olsen from JoomlaBamboo at JoomlaDay 2013


About Anthony Olsen

Anthony Olsen is based in Melbourne where he is the head designer and creative director at JoomlaBamboo. Working with a small team across the globe. He started making templates in 2006, releasing templates on Joomla 1.0.

Over the years he developed his own templating framework called Zen Grid Framework. It is based on this philosophy that frameworks should be accessible for developers to remove or add stuff at will, without too much trouble. But also for end users to use it without too much of a learning curve. Simplicity from a code and design aesthetic point of view.

The new release cycle for Joomla means that developers have to relook at code more often, keeping up is complex. So JoomlaBamboo will start to release under the T3V3 framework, which offers a solid codebase and amazing foundation for a fast website and some beautiful flexibility around theme styling. The change won't make too much of a difference to the end users but will speed up the process in development.

@joomlabamboo on Twitter

For listeners, promo code on the JoomlaBamboo checkout page. Use Joomlabeat save 25% off any subscription. (Anthony might note have added it to the system yet)

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