This week I have a chat with Scott Greenwald from Joomla Direct, a Joomla base blog that talks all things good about Joomla.

Scott talks about is journey into using Joomla and also about his venture into creating Joomla templates for the community.

Show Notes

Welcome Scott!

Scott is a graphic designer by nature with a degree in multimedia design. Dabbling in CMS's in 2007, a friend recommended to Joomla 1.0 and he has been an addict ever since. Switching from Wordpress to Joomla, he was enticed by the flexibility and the amount of great components with Joomla. Scott currently is located in Japan, where he lives with his wife.

About a year ago Scott started a meetup group for Joomla. It later became the official Joomla Tokyo user group. With 30 members they meet up once a month and cover mostly non-technical aspects of Joomla, the users are mostly building sites and are not developers.

The meetup was picked up by a sponsor, Steve Kapner, co-founder at Aquent (Aquent Australia). This meant they now had a special meeting room to host the meetups. How awesome is that? Using LinkedIn Scott networked and posed a question about meeting spaces. Steve Capner was looking to become more involved in the local community in Tokyo and thus he donated the conference room for the group to use.

About Scott's Website, JoomlaDirect

Scott started two years ago and it started out as a blog of informal videos of how to install Joomla and installing features about Joomla. 2.5 and 1.5. It became popular so Scott kept making content for it, giving him more visibility in the Joomla community. So he then started contributing to the Joomla community magazine.

JoomlaDirect templates

This gave Scott a place for him to create templates and get feedback. His first template available for free download is called Kotoba, built on the warp 6 framework. It has had over 10,000 downloads!

His new template is a paid template, this one is called Coco. It has a lot more features than Kotoba (demo).

About Warp Framework

Warp is made by YooTheme, it comes with a great customiser in the backend so you can visually change things. All without having to touch the code, while also giving you the option to use less and css.

Special coupon code to use at

"JOOMLABEAT"- 20% off Coco

Joomla World Conference

This year it is being held in Boston. Look out for all those Joomla experts known in the community.

JoomlaDay Sydney 2013

It is coming up on 19th October 2013, held in the beautiful harbour city of Sydney. Check it out at Find out all about the conference and purchase your tickets. Meet some of the core developers from Joomla and learn more about Joomla.

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