I have a chat to Max Lynam from Molehill Web Works about taking on clients for the long term and also a little into 'responsive marketing', a new concept that he will be talking more about at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013.

This is the second time that Max has joined me on the podcast. His previous interview was about MijoShop that he uses for a lot of his e-commerce clients. You can listen to that episode 7 if you want more details in regards to that.

This is a special bonus episode added for the big event here in Sydney

Show Notes

Max Lynam joins me on the show to chat about providing solutions for clients that have more of a long term effect than simply just doing the job they ask for.

Guiding a client and making sure that what is being implemented is going to not only give them a return on their investment but also improve their business and allow it to grow.

This is the philosophy behind Max's business and Molehill Web Works.

"There is no point in creating a marketing campaign for a client unless it is effective and will show results."

Max will be presenting on the idea and concept of responsive marketing at JoomlaDay Sydney. More notes and comments will come in regards to his presentation at the event.

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